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Introducing GenCoor:

Rachel Czwartacky is a rising 3L and one of the co-Editors-in-Chief of MJGL. She is originally from New York, has an MA in Media Studies, and in her spare time mainly tweets about her two cats.


Emily Boyk is a 2L and the Membership and Outreach Coordinator of MJGL. She is originally from Ohio and has a BA in Political Science and Women's & Gender Studies from Wellesley College. Emily enjoys cuddling with her two cats, watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and advocating for the rights of incarcerated women.

Emily photo.jpg

Sian is MJGL’s Student Submission’s Editor. Sian is from Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Toronto. She enjoys baking biscotti (and eating them).

Natalie photo.jpg

Natalie is the MJGL co-Editor-in-Chief. A DC native, she worked as a paralegal at the DOJ prior to law school. She now lives with her 50+ houseplants and two cats in A2, where she is busy serving as co-chair of the Michigan Voting Project & pursuing a career in civil rights.

Erica Schuman is MJGL’s Managing Editor. She is a rising 2L from West Bloomfield, MI who also went to UMich for her undergraduate studies (Go Blue)! She loves all the things that most people hate: The Bachelor franchise, talking about politics, and cardio workouts.


Kaitlyn is a 3L at Michigan Law. She has been on MJGL since her second semester in law school, and she’s currently the Symposium Chair. In her free time, Kaitlyn likes to play board and card games, spend time outside, and watch bad reality TV.

Megan Kelly is a 3L and one of MJGL's Executive Editors. This summer, she worked in criminal defense with the Legal Rights Center in Minneapolis, MN, close to her hometown. In her free time, she enjoys running (hoping to run a half in January!) and baking.

Macey photo.jpeg

Macey is a 2L and a MJGL Co-Executive Editor. She was born and raised in Michigan, attended Central Michigan University for her undergraduate studies, and plans on working in the Midwest after graduation. Macey enjoys Pilates, swimming in shark-free water, and hiking.

Colleen is a Production Editor on the Journal. She’s a 3L, she’s originally from Toledo OH, and she'll be working in DC after she graduates.

Whitley Photo.heic

Whitely Mann is a 3L and one of the Production Editors of MJGL. She's now back in Florida for good after several years in the frozen North.  She's currently on the 6th book in the Wheel of Time Series. 

Hailey is excited to be a Production Editor for the Journal this year! Born and raised in Connecticut, she loves reading, exercising, cooking, Bob’s Burgers, and sometimes cite checking.


Marlee is MJGL’s Online Editor. She is from upstate New York originally but spent the summer in Montana with her girlfriend and two dogs doing civil legal aid work with low-income Native clients and working to protect wilderness. She is especially interested in LGBTQ+ issues, rural legal issues, and conservation.

Hannah is MJGL’s Selections Editor. She is a S.J.D. candidate at Michigan with international work experience in gender issues and roots in Belgium.

Alex Photo.jpg

Alec is a 2L and a Production Editor for MJGL. Originally from Livonia, MI, he did his undergrad at Wayne State University. Alec hobbies include reading fantasy novels, playing D&D, and trying to lift progressively heavier things. 

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